Samsung working on a stand-alone watch, that uses a SIM to work without a phone, is not a new rumour. But the Gear Solo, as it's being called, appearing at the Unpacked event on 3 September is new.

Samsung is already expected to announce its Galaxy Note 4 phone and Galaxy Alpha premium handset. The event had, in recent years, also been home to watch launches. Since the Android Wear Gear Live was released just months ago any new watch would have to be a rather big change.

It was suspected that Samsung would release a round-faced Android Wear device in time with the Moto 360. But now it sounds like the stand-alone Gear Live may make an appearance. Perhaps that too will be round.

It's unclear what operating system the Gear Solo will run but it won't be Android Wear as that's built to work in conjunction with a phone. While the idea of a stand alone watch which can be used as a phone and, presumably with GPS to track runs, is great we imagine battery will suffer.

Previous rumours suggested the Gear Solo would be a Korea exclusive. But launching it at the IFA trade-show in Berlin would suggest it's due for a Europe wide release.

Check back on 3 September for your live coverage and hands-on reviews.

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