Samsung's next Gear smartwatch will boast an embedded SIM, it's claimed.

Following rapper's unusual announcement that he has funded the development of a SIM-packed smartwatch, the Korea Herald has published a similar report about Samsung's fourth Gear smartwatch.

The yet-to-be-announced wearable device will allegedly launch with an embedded SIM, allowing you to make or get calls without having to pair the smartwatch to a Samsung smartphone (or any smartphone for that matter).

But there's more: The Korean Intellectual Property Office reportedly claimed that Samsung's forthcoming device would launch under the brand name Samsung Gear Solo. This of course would reflect the smartwatch's capability to run independently of a smartphone.

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As for when the Gear Solo is expected to land, the Herald only said it'll launch initially through SK Telecom in Korea and eventually roll out to other markets around the globe.

We've contacted Samsung for a comment, and we'll update when more information becomes available.