In what must be seen as an odd way to sell a device, Samsung has made a two-and-a-half minute advert that not only suggests that people who use phones are clumsy idiots, but that Galaxy Gear smartwatch owners are potential sex pests.

Surely it's a dangerous game suggesting that a product category the company is so famous for is inadequate in comparison to its first smartwatch. It's even more so to suggest that one of the best uses of the latter device is to take surreptitious pictures from afar of someone you've only just met.

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However, that's exactly what "Jack" does in the Are You Geared Up? video doing so well on YouTube at the moment. Having already perved his way into getting to know a pretty blonde snowboarder on a ski-lift where she has no escape route, the Galaxy Gear wearer proceeds to take pictures of her on the sly and she doesn't even seem appalled when he reveals the fact.

In fact, just to prove how shallow she is too, she even falls for the slimiest of chat-up routines.

If it wasn't so unintentionally funny, we'd be outraged. See what you think...