UPDATE: Samsung Electronics says it has sold 800,000 Galaxy Gear smartwatches, in response to reports that it had sold only 50,000 of them since the launch two months ago.

There is clearly a massive difference in the numbers quoted by Business Korea and Samsung itself, but it is reported by Reuters that the South Korean firm claims sales have exceeded its expectations and it will expand sales promotions for the holiday season.

You can read the original story below...

Galaxy Gear smartwatch sales are at less than 50,000 units for Samsung so far, according to an unconfirmed report from Business Korea. The company is said to be moving a mere 800 to 900 devices a day worldwide, even with a big advertising campaign that has hit the mainstream. 

At 50,000 units, sales don't look to be faring too well, if the number is to be believed. In October, we had heard through a leaked Samsung document that Samsung's prized smartwatch was experiencing a 30 per cent return rate in Best Buy locations. "The Galaxy Gear attachment rate within Best Buy is the highest among all channels; however the overall return rate is trending above 30 per cent," Samsung said.

Monday's report may add some credence to the Best Buy number.

The Galaxy Gear, Samsung's first venture into wearables, launched in September to a bit of hype from the Android community. When we reviewed the smartwatch, we noted a fantastic screen, comfortable build, a good watch and easy set-up, as some key features. But its lack of consistency, high price and lack of general app support left us with reservations about the product.

Customers must be feeling the same way. Could it be considered a rushed product as Samsung tried to beat Apple to the wearables market?