It's common knowledge that the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is to be unveiled on the eve of IFA in Berlin on 4 September at the company's Unpacked event, but Venture Beat claims to have seen a prototype version of the device, one which was sent to developers and a few select partners.

In addition to the device itself - which the site was not allowed to photograph, it claims - VB's source also revealed a demonstration video of the Android smartwatch, from which the leaked pictures were taken.

From this video, it is alleged that the screen is a 3-inch OLED, and the entire watch is large and chunky thanks to a hefty bezel. However, since the images were first published, GigaOm has revealed that its own sources say the design shown was of an earlier model and that the real Galaxy Gear will be a "different, more finished product".

Many of the specifications and features shown in the clip might also change before release. It has Bluetooth LE connectivity to hook it up to a phone, VB claims, but the site also says it will come with its own built-in Wi-Fi so can connect to the internet and download emails independently. This is in contradiction to other reports that say it will need to tether to a phone or tablet to be able to access the 'net, and that there will be no browser on board.

Most agree that there will be a 4-megapixel camera in the strap and speakers in the clasp, while installed software will include Samsung S Voice for vocal commands and all manner of social network and health tracking apps.

Other features gleaned from the promo video include integration with a companion Galaxy S phone or tablet, an easy swipe function to access apps, the camera or the photo gallery, and 10 plus hours of battery life. Social media integration is possible, so you can share to your feeds directly from the watch, although other reports say that there will be no keyboard, so we presume this will be done by voice command only.

GigaOm adds that the new watch will come with Android 4.3 from the off and that it will run off a dual-core 1.5GHz Exynos processor. It will also have NFC, it says.