Qualcomm has just announced that it is entering the smartwatch arena with the Qualcomm Toq pushing the agenda of the smartwatch industry, even though companies like Samsung and Sony are already pushing ahead. 

The new watch, which has just been announced at Uplinq, will charge wirelessly, come with a Mirasol screen that can be viewed in sunlight and connect to your phone. 

The watch will allow users to check the weather, time, calendar, messages and more in a dedicated interface.  Qualcomm has also said that the software will be upgradeable, but it doesn't look like it uses Android. 

Everything is synced via Bluetooth to your phone and the watch will come with wireless Bluetooth headphones to allow you to listen to music. 

Like the watch, the Bluetooth headphones will also be able to be wirelessly charged. The charger can also double as the carrying case. 

As you might expect, the watch also uses the company's AllJoyn technology. 

The smart watch will be available later this year in the US and is expected to cost around $300 (£190). Everyone attending Uplinq will be on the beta programme.

The device will be offered to consumers, a spokesperson has confirmed to Pocket-lint.