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(Pocket-lint) - It was in late May that rumour of the second-gen Oppo Watch surfaced, updating the original square watch device.

Well, it's rumour no more. Indeed, the Oppo Watch 2 is already available to pre-order on JD.com for Chinese customers. So the cat's out the bag.

The site shows-off the watch in three colour finishes, as the screengrab image up top shows, with grey-blue, black, and orange-strap versions all clearly visible.

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Not everything is fully revealed yet, though, with the JD site telling its customers to tune into the 'Super Power Conference' on 27 July to get the full inside info. The pre-order page points to 15:00 Beijing time as the hour to put in the calendar.

There are more than a few clues spelled out in black and white though: continuous blood oxygen monitoring seemingly being one of the major new feature for the rectangular-screen watch.

What is a big surprise is the ¥9999 pre-order price - as that equates to around £1,100/$1,500. That would make it over three times the price of the original Oppo Watch, so we can only assume this is a placeholder until the official price is announced.

We'll know more about the second-gen Oppo watch come 27 July, perhaps whether it'll arrive outside of the China market too.

Writing by Mike Lowe.