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(Pocket-lint) - Even though we know the Apple Watch is a relative success, the jury is still out on many smartwatches that aren't GPS sports watches

However, companies like Huawei and Samsung have persisted with new devices in recent times and now Oppo is set to join the fray.

A Weibo post by the company’s vice president Shen Yiren said that the company is working on a smartwatch but it won't be out this year. Maybe we can expect something at the Mobile World Congress phone show in the Spring? Whether it would use Google's Wear OS or other software remains to be seen.

Chinese manufacturer Oppo has been keen on making inroads into the UK and European market in recent times, most notably with its Oppo Reno lineup which we were fans of. The company has also teased a new curved phone screen in recent times, as well as an under-display camera.

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Yiren added that the new smartwatch was likely to be square since you can fit more information onto the screen. He also added that there will be an Oppo-branded pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones out this year.

That would be very interesting since Oppo was formerly a producer of high-quality audio visual products including headphones as part of its Oppo Digital division.

It canned that entire division last year, but perhaps some of the personnel has been working on other products like the wireless headphones. We thought at the time that we hadn't heard the last of Oppo as an audio brand, especially since it had been making such good products, and especially since its smartphone business was growing. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.