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(Pocket-lint) - It's fair to say that the OnePlus Watch's reception was pretty mixed - in fact, that's a charitable take on things. The watch launched with a barebones set of features that may have been slightly added to with software updates, but still isn't too persuasive an option.

Still, though, that's not enough to stop the promotional train from rolling on, and OnePlus has just taken the wraps off a fairly surprising tie-in, with the controversial videogame Cyberpunk 2077. The new version of the watch is no different in terms of features.

However, it's got a new look with a funky strap and themed watch faces to let you express your fandom for the futuristic role-playing shooter. That said, there doesn't seem to be much more depth to the partnership than that - there's nothing more complicated going on here.

In fact, the pairing is ironically quite an appropriate one. Just like the OnePlus Watch, Cyberpunk 2077's release late last year was marred by the impression that it was rushed out before its time. With a litany of enormous bugs plaguing players, and the game almost non-functional on older-generation consoles, there were refunds aplenty.

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You still can't buy the game through the PlayStation Store, so its recovery is far from complete, making its release rocky enough to certainly merit comparison with the OnePlus Watch's. The partnership, and watch, aren't officially confirmed as yet, so we'll have to wait to hear details on release date and pricing. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 21 May 2021.