While the fact that Withings was to enter the smartwatch market is not new, a date for release is. The Withings Activité will be available from October.

Speaking to Wareable, company CEO Cédric Hutchings explained that the Aura sleep system will be first to hit market, followed a couple of months later by the watch. "The market availability of Aura our sleep system is set to be delivered from 25 August," he said.

"The other one is Activité that we just featured and that will be delivered later, I think in the month of October."

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The Withings Activité watch was previously revealed by the French company on its own website. It combines a stylish wristwatch that looks classic in design with the firm's expertise in fitness and activity tracking.

It is Swiss made and works in conjunction with the Health Mate application on iPhone and iPad. The app acts like a personal coach to help you achieve any goals you set yourself. It even tracks sleep patterns and the watch can be set to vibrate to gently wake you.

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The watch is water resistant and works off a normal CR2025 battery, so doesn't need to be recharged. It should last a full year, claims Withins.

It will be available in black or silver and will retail for less than $500 (around £300).