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(Pocket-lint) - France-based Withings has introduced a sleek, new device that is half smartwatch and half activity tracker. It's called Withings Activité.

Withings, which is known for its Wi-Fi body scale and other app-enabled devices, described Activité as a "Swiss-made timepiece". Not only can the device monitor your steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns, but it can also show you the time on a classic round face and traditional analogue display with touchscreen capabilities.

The Activité comes in a black or silver finish, and it features stainless steal 316L materials along with crystal sapphire glass. It also has a leather strap from Tanneries Haas, one of France's most prestigious tanneries that supplies to major fashion houses in the country. This unique design makes it both a premium and elegant wearable. There's also an interchangeable plastic strap available for sportswear, because the Activité is in fact (5ATM) waterproof.

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"Created by a team of prestigious designers in Paris and made in Switzerland, the luxury watch capital of the world, Activité is a contemporary reinterpretation of classical timepieces combining elegant design, luxury materials and haute-couture finishes," explained Withings in a press release on Monday. "Inspired by the invention of the pedometer in France in 1723, the Withings Activité is a sophisticated tracker and advanced accelerometer."

Other features include a built-in digital system that can detect when you walk, run, or swim, and then it calculates and analyses data related to those activities. Activité will also monitor sleep patterns and wake you with a vibrating alarm clock function, partly thanks to smart sensors that auto-detect and switch between active and sleep mode.

Withings said the Activité boasts Connected Movement, a time mechanism certified for its procession and long term accuracy. The smartwatch connects to iOS devices through Bluetooth Low Energy and works with the Withings Health Mate app. You can use the app to set activity plans and get coaching advice on how to achieve personal goals. You can further share those results with friends.

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It is clear that Withings wants you to know the Activité is a perfect blend of fashion and technology, a trend that many other companies are jumping on these days. Apple poached Burberry's chief, for instance, while Samsung has worked with Swavorski on several accessories. Even Microsoft collaborated with a British designer on trousers that wirelessly charge Nokia devices.

The Activité will be available this autumn for $390. You will be able to buy it at select retailers and through Withings' website. We've contacted the company to inquire about global availability and will update when we learn more.

Writing by Elyse Betters.