Moto 360 owners can now take things to the next level, as Motorola has launched new leather bands for its smartwatch.

Now available only through Motorola's website are four new watch straps made by Dodo. They're described as "premium Pergamena leather bands" - and they each cost $59.99. Colour options include blue, green, red, and tan.

Moto 360's standard leather bands, which include black, gray, and cognac colours, cost about $30 each, so you'll be paying twice the amount for a Dodo band. The new ones look great however, and they'll make your Moto 360 standout.

And if leather isn't your thing, you could always go with the Moto 360's $79.99 stainless steel band. The point had several choices to choose from already, but now there's even more.

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