Android Wear is out the door and staking its smartwatch claim, recently boosted with Android Wear updates and the confirmation of dates for the latest two devices - the LG G Watch R and the Sony SmartWatch 3 - both of which are available in November.

Pocket-lint has had hands-on time with the Android Wear smartwatches and we've reviewed the early offerings, before this second wave hits. From the early releases like the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch to the round Motorola Moto 360 and leather-strapped Asus ZenWatch, we've tried them.

While you are considering which might be the smart timepiece for you, we've compiled all the photos in one place so you can get a closer look and decide for yourself.

Since they all run the same operating system the differentiators are shape, strap style, screen resolution, battery life and extras. In the case of the Gear Live, for example there's a heart rate monitor which could make it more sport friendly than the competition. But then the Asus ZenWatch comes with a light brown leather strap and looking premium build that may be more attractive to some. The Sony offers a GPS, supported in the latest update to Android Wear.

So which will you go for? Are you waiting for the Apple Watch? Are wearables just a waste of time? If you've already decided it's the last one you really shouldn't have read this far down. For everyone else, enjoy the gallery.

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