Round is in...when it comes to smartwatches anyway.

The Moto 360 is all the rage right now, mostly due to its unique and round design. So it makes sense that Samsung, which has been dabbling in the smartwatch trend for a whle now, would file a few patents for a round-style smartwatch with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patents - three of them, to be exact - were first spotted by MobileGeeks, and apart from the round displays, which vary in size and shape, they include details about a gesture control system and a charging port on the clasp rather than the watch itself. You'll notice they also have a camera in the band, much like the original Galaxy Gear (before Samsung moved it to the main body for the Gear 2).

It's interesting to note all the patents were filed in March, around the same time Google introduced its Android Wear operating system for wearables. It was also around the same time Jim Wicks, the lead designer of Motorola's smartwatch, publically discussed the Moto 360's style. He said Motorola had noticed classic watches - from sun dials to pocket watches - all have a circular look, and it decided to stick to that classic design for the Moto 360.

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You should keep in mind that patents dont always lead to a consumer product, but it's still interesting to see Samsung switch gears (pun intended) and file patents for a curvy wearable rather than the square-ish form factor it typically uses for devices such as the Gear Live.