Motorola may release its Moto 360 smartwatch as part of the Android Wear range as soon as July.

According the French website Journaldugeek the watch will be available for €249 when it goes on sale at some point in July. The site simply refers to its sources but goes into no more detail.

While not a completely trustworthy source the timing and price range do sound about right so we're hopeful it's correct.

The Moto 360 watch itself will be a beautiful device with rounded touchscreen capable of numerous clock faces. It will also be removable from the strap offering a wide selection of options to suit what the user is wearing including black, gray, and light blue. Users will be able to design their own like users of the Moto X did with the Motomaker.

Like other Android Wear watches announced simultaneously, the Moto 360 will be able to be voice controlled. Just say "Ok Google" and you can then use it to search for important information, book a restaurant, check flight times and much more.

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