Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch was inspired by...time. Shocking, right?

Google introduced its Android Wear operating system for wearables just yesterday, and almost immediately after, Motorola followed suit by introducing the Moto 360. Today, Jim Wicks, the lead designer of Motorola's smartwatch, has held a live Google Hangout to discuss the upcoming timepiece's design and style features.

At the beginning of the live Hangout, Wicks said Motorola looked at watches throughout time when coming up with a standout design. Sundials, pocket watches, traditional wrist watches, and even clock faces found in train stations. Motorola noticed each of them have a circular look, and it decided to stick to this classic design. But Motorola added its own twist. Literally.

The Moto 360 is round and will retain the look and feel of the traditional watch. But, with the twist of the wrist, users will bring up the Android Wear OS. They'll then see subtle alerts and notifications in regards to who’s emailing or calling, as well as what time their next meeting is or latest social posts from friend. Before twisting their wrist however, the Moto 360 will look like any other stylish yet analog watch.

"We don't want to make consumers change for this tech," Wicks said during the live Hangout. "We want to make this tech map to them. With a square concept you might say 'that's interesting,' but you don't hit that 'whoa' mark. We wanted to hit that 'whoa' mark."

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Wicks also showed off a working Moto 360. Although the live Hangout has long finished, you can watch the 23-minute recorded version above. Enjoy.