(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's Xbox Watch has leaked online again.

In 2013, Microsoft was developing its own smartwatch and planned to release it under the Xbox brand. It eventually ditched the idea and pulled out of the wearables market. Nevertheless, last autumn, images emerged online showing off Microsoft's scrapped watch. Unfortunately, they didn't show the device in working order.

Now, however, Twitter user Hikari Calyx (spotted by Windows Central) has published more images of the watch, dubbed Xbox Watch, and in these latest images, we can see the prototype device powered on and functioning. Xbox Watch had a 1.5-inch colour touchscreen, heart rate monitor on the rear, and supposedly 6GB of storage.

1/10Hikari Calyx (Twitter)

It also appears to support GPS location tracking and workouts. The interface in these images remind us of Microsoft's canned Band wearable as well as the tiles from Xbox's 2013 interface. Who knows why Microsoft gave this device the Xbox brand, but rumours have suggested it was to have gaming features and LTE connectivity.

Keep in mind Microsoft did persist with wearables for a bit, most notably with the fitness band line, but both the first and second models flopped, so the company reportedly also scrapped plans to release a third.

Writing by Elyse Betters.