Mercedes-Benz and Pebble have announced a partnership and will be showing the sorts of features a smartwatch can bring to your car at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, due to start next week.

Mercedes-Benz says that the partnership will give them early access to the hardware and software APIs to develop integrated applications for use in-car.

The idea would be to use the Pebble smartwatch as an extension of the sort of features found in the Digital DriveStyle app for iPhone, which can alert drivers to things like hazards on the road, as well as provide other information. You'd also be able to program the Pebble buttons to carry-out various in-car features, like being able to activate Siri voice control.

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The Pebble is a great second screen companion to your smartphone and one of the features we like the most is the alerts, because the vibration is strong enough feel, but isn't intrusive or distracting. Mercedes plan to make use of this, so you can get information at a glance straight to your wrist.

This will extend outside the vehicle also, with the ability to locate your Mercedes - useful in those huge mall car parks - as well as check whether you locked it and what the fuel status is.

Mercedes-Benz is looking at car connectivity across smartphones, smartwatches and, as reported previously, Google Glass. Although the Pebble integration is being demonstrated as a concept at this stage, it is planned for these features to be offered to customers. Sadly, there's no timeline for availability as yet.