(Pocket-lint) - Around two weeks ago we brought you news of a forthcoming hyrbrid smartwatch from LG.

The LG Watch Timepiece was first reported by Android Headlines based on insider sources and is said to be coming soon.

Further evidence has now emerged, with a device thought to be the LG Watch Timepiece appearing in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - the regulatory body for wireless communications in the US.

The hybrid smartwatch, which will feature both Google's Wear OS and an analogue watch face, allegedly comes with the model number LM-W315 - which fits with the usual numbering convention for wearables from LG.


That model code can clearly be found in the FCC filing, as part of an "E-Label" description that will appear in the final device's settings. It is part of an illustration in the filing that also shows a Google Play logo - further proof that the new device will be, in part, Wear OS driven.

With the Google I/O opening keynote occurring in the States today, it is highly possible that we'll see the LG Watch Timepiece unveiled. If not, it is said to be appearing in stores "very soon" so we should find out more imminently.

Writing by Rik Henderson.