One of the devices we were really looking forward to getting our hands on at IFA 2015, was the LG Watch Urbane Luxe.

Recently announced, this limited edition version of the Watch Urbane is rather special. It's 23-karat gold for starters, has an alligator leather strap and comes in a piano-gloss lacquer case. 

There are some other special elements to it too. There's a deployment clasp to give you the perfect fit and there are only 500 of these watches being made. 

It has been made in cahoots with Reeds in the USA, which is where it will exclusively go on sale, for $1200.

Needless to say, LG wasn't keen on letting us get our greasy hands on it, so it sat glittering in its presentation box behind glass on the IFA showfloor.

Sadly, we were told that we wouldn't be getting any closer to this particular watch.

All that was missing was Patrick Bateman to assuredly tell us not to touch the Watch.