(Pocket-lint) - LG is releasing a new smartwatch - the LG Watch Urbane - a classic reworking of its G Watch R.

The Watch Urbane has been designed to look like a classic timepiece, with a metal body and stitched leather strap, resulting in an Android Wear watch that looks more formal than the sporty G Watch R. 

Based on the same device as the G Watch R, it's no surprise that the specs are the same: there's a 1.3-inch round P-OLED display with 320 x 320 resolution, 245ppi.

It's again powered by the 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

The battery is the same 410mAh as before, and again you get the array of sensors, including the PPG heart rate sensor. Presumably on the Watch Urbane it's to check whether you're saying calm during a high-stakes poker game, rather than on the running track.


The differences, however, come in that finish. It's going to be available in gold or silver colours, and LG says it has a thinner profile than the chunkier Watch R. The measurements are given as 45.5 x 52.2 x 10.9mm, which is actually thicker than the Watch R, so we'll have to give it the eye over and see how much thinner it really is.

The strap is a standard 22mm fitment, however, so if you want to dress it up with a luxury alligator strap, you can.


"LG Watch Urbane is an important part of our strategy to develop wearable devices that are worn and viewed as everyday accessories, not electronic gadgets," said  Juno Cho, LG president and CEO.

The Watch Urbane will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015 in early March, but the pricing and availability is yet to be announced. 

Writing by Chris Hall.