LG and Audi teamed up to show off a new smartwatch at CES that is the first to run webOS. This could be the start of LG's push for webOS in watches which it already has on its TVs – not a positive move for Google's Android Wear OS then.

Until now most of the smartwatches we've reviewed have had one flaw, Android Wear. It's good but not great and still has plenty of issues. Manufacturers like LG want to use their own platforms for independence and greater ease when developing cross-platform software. Perhaps this watch is showing a move in that direction.

This webOS watch has been modified from the LG G Watch R, adding in a stainless steel finish and leather strap, to work with Audi's in-car systems. Presumably future models will also be able to controls LG's TVs which run on the popular webOS platform also.

Unfortunately there isn't much more info on the watch itself but this model should be able to control in-car functions including doors, windows, start-up and more.

Further details on this watch of LG's future plans have not been announced but it's likely a big push will appear at Mobile World Congress in March.