(Pocket-lint) - LG looks set to unveil a new smartwatch running its quite recently acquired webOS operating system found in its TVs.

The popular webOS, after being bought from HP, has made its way onto LG TVs to create one of the most fluid TV operating systems ever. Its simplicity would be ideal for a smartwatch, which seems to have been something LG has spotted.

A developer website, hosted by LG, has teased a software development kit for a webOS smartwatch. The photo, above, also shows Bean Bird with a watch on his back. Bean Bird is the character that guides users through the initial setup of an LG webOS TV.

Rather than rely on Google's Android Wear operating system LG is likely going the way of rival Samsung which uses Tizen OS on its Gear smartwatches. Both LG and Samsung do have Android Wear smartwatches also. In the case of LG by incorporating the ever-popular webOS it should make watch control and communication with its TVs really simple.

There is a chance that this could be an update that works on current hardware, but we'd be very surprised if this were the case.

LG has pulled the developer website since it was spotted, enhancing the chances of it being real and something it wants to keep secret.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.