(Pocket-lint) - LG, after releasing its Android Wear G Watch, has announced its Kizon smartwatch for children.

The Kizon is designed for primary school age little'uns mainly as a way for parents to keep track of them. That's not a first as plenty of start-ups have been making these for quite some time. The Kiddizoom Smart Watch is a new, excellent, example of this. LG's version is pretty advanced though, allowing calls.

Kizon tracks the child using GPS and Wi-Fi for real-time location information. There's even a One Step Direct Call option allowing the parent to call and speak to the child at anytime during the day over the watch's 3G connection. And this works both ways with a single phone number the child can call using the built-in speaker and mic – the number can be changed using the accompanying app.

Parents can also set alerts throughout the day so they are told where the child is at certain times. The 400mAh battery on the Kizon is good for 36 hours, claims LG, and alerts parents when it's a 25 per cent.

The LG Kizon will be available, in blue, pink or green in Europe and America during the coming months when pricing will be announced. How data network charges work isn't clear yet.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.