As the July release date of the LG G Watch gets closer more leaks are inevitably happening.

A spec sheet has leaked on Twitter from @UpLeaks which shows the G Watch will have a 1.6-inch screen with 280 x 280 display, a 400mAh battery and 4GB of storage.

That battery, according to the leaked chart, translates to a 36-hour standby with a 2-hour charge time. It's also suggested that users will be able to dictate texts and memos directly to the watch. This should actually work since it's an Android Wear device using Google's voice recognition smarts.

The LG G Watch should cost around £180, making it a little more than Samsung's Gear 2 Neo. Google I/O is due to kick off on 25 June where Android Wear is expected to be unveiled in full detail. It's likely many watches will be revealed at this event too, adding more weight to that 7 July release date.

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