LG has released an official video teasing its G Watch ahead of its expected release this July.

We've already had some wrist-on time with the watch where we were told it would feature Android Wear compatibility. But since the prototype device was turned off we didn't get a look. This new video has confirmed the Android Wear software and waterproof build.

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The video shows the watch will have a five-pin connector on the rear for charging the device. Since this is easily accessible it could work well with a dock or a clip-on charging cable.

The final shot in the video shows the metal-bodied watch will come in both black and white with gold body, as previously revealed on the LG site.

LG's G Watch will come with a 1.85-inch display and 4GB of internal memory. LG has told Pocket-lint the G Watch will be on sale in the UK for £180 by July.