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(Pocket-lint) - At Lenovo Tech World the company unveiled a dual-screen smartwatch concept with a twist: the Magic View includes a 'Virtual Interactive Display' (or VID) that can project images direct to the eye.

The idea is to solve two issues prevalent in smartwatches: small screen size, and privacy.

With a display equivalent some 20 times larger than that of a traditional smartwatch face, the VID makes it possible to see an enlarged and interactive display at a far larger scale. There's also a traditional smartwatch screen.

Or, thanks to on-board sensors, the VID - which is peered into at eye-level - can act like a virtual reality system. On stage the device was shown off presenting an image of the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing: when the viewer rotated his physical position, so too did the position on the image adjust accordingly. It's like "bringing virtual reality to smartwatches".

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The other obvious benefit is privacy. Receive a picture message or personal message that you don't want to display? Raise the wrist to eye level and peer into the VID. Nearby onlookers won't be able to view your content.

However, the Magic View is not a product that will launch any time soon. This is no Moto 360 Mark II, for now it's just a concept. But, as Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said it's "a journey to transfer wearables" - and one that we look forward to seeing progress.

Writing by Mike Lowe.