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(Pocket-lint) - Intel has teamed up with fashion company, Opening Ceremony to create a luxury wearable aimed at fashionable women. They came up with My Intelligent Communication Accessory, or MICA.

At the moment the capabilities of the jewelry are being kept secret but apparently the bracelet features "technology and communication capabilities".

It's shown in some photos with two women, each touching their bracelets together. It also features a touchscreen. From that we can surmise it will feature NFC and likely Bluetooth to allow for files to be transferred between devices. Weather that's between connected mobiles or the bracelets themselves isn't clear. Presumably it will track steps and sleep too.

The main focus appears to be the fashion side of this gadget, which is apparently one of the first times high-fashion and technology have come together on a wrist. The MICA is made with semi-precious gems and water snakeskin materials. It also features a curved sapphire glass touchscreen display and wireless charging.

The MICA will be on display at a 7 September Opening Ceremony event. There should be two variants of the wearable, one with black watersnake skin, pearls from China and lapis stones from Madagascar. The other will have white watersnake skin, tiger's eye from South Africa and obsidian from Russia.

We imagine the pricing of this fashionista's wearable will reflect its decadence.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 4 September 2014.