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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei has launched two brand new models of the Watch GT. The Watch G2 comes in two sizes, each with its own style, but both promising incredible battery performance and in depth sports tracking data. 

The Watch GT 2 42mm is the more compact, rounded case with curved glass, and looks similar to Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active range. Clearly then designed for smaller wrists. 

Watch GT 2 46mm is the more business end of things, and looks closest to the original Watch GT in style, with its laser-etched bezel around the flat, round display and chunkier looking lugs for holding the strap. 

What makes it interesting, is that this display and the bezel are all one piece of glass. It's not a separate metal edge. 

HuaweiHuawei Watch GT 2 comes in stylish and sporty versions image 3

As with the first generation, the second iteration of Watch GT offers pretty incredible sounding battery performance. 

Huawei claims that the 46mm model can work continuously for two weeks while using it to constantly track your heart rate, tracking your sleep every night, track 90 minutes of exercise per week, make up to 30 minutes of bluetooth calls AND 30 minutes of music playback.

That's a pretty bold claim, but having used the first generation, we wouldn't be surprised if real life performance was actually that good. In a similar mode, the 42mm model can go a full week between charges. 

As for fitness tracking with continuous GPS - on running sessions for instance - the 46mm series will track for 30 hours before the battery dies, while the 42mm model can get to about 15 hours. 

This is all powered by the new Kirin A1 processor inside which helps to further optimise battery consumption, draining the power at a less intense rate, thanks to the more efficient core architecture inside it.

Watch GT 2 46mm has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen on the front with a resolution of 454 x 454, which by smartwatch standards is pretty high. It also offers wider colour gamut and high contrast. 

HuaweiHuawei Watch GT 2 comes in stylish and sporty versions image 2

The smaller model has a curved 3D glass display, but Huawei hasn't included exact specifications for the resolution. We'll update with details when we have them. 

One of Huawei Watch GT's biggest strengths is in sports tracking, and the latest models attempt to build on that reputation. 

It has 15 different sport modes, and that includes underwater heart monitoring when you're swimming, and is waterproof to 50 meters. The running course feature allows you to choose between several different running/coaching programs. 

It can monitor your heart rate for heart failure and bradycardia. If you're not in sports mode, you'll get an alert if you heart rate climbs above 100bpm or goes below 50bpm for more than 10 minutes. 

It uses a feature called TruSleep 2.0 to monitor your sleep quality, HR and breathing at night. It can even analyse this data to check for any sleep issues and give you feedback on how to improve the quality of your rest. 

As well as that, the 46mm series can be used as a Bluetooth hands-free speaker to accept/make calls while on the move, up to 150 meters from your phone. It can also store and manage music, holding up to 500 songs. 

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Watch GT 2 will be available from next month for €249 (46mm) and €229 (42mm). 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 19 September 2019.