(Pocket-lint) - Huawei is reportedly working on a new smartwatch that could store a pair of wireless in-ear headphones in the wristband.

It last released a watch two years ago, in the shape of the Huawei Watch 2 Sport, but has been rumoured to re-enter the market for a while. Now a patent has popped up suggesting that the company is far from done with wearables and is actually trying to innovate in the sector, ahead of a possible Huawei Watch 3.


The patent shows a few suggested solutions as to where a pair of Bluetooth headphones could be stored. There is one idea that they could be housed in the top of the wristband, either side of the watch face. Another that they could have their own compartment attached to the clasp part of the band.


Whichever is chosen (if any) we like the concept of having headphones included with the watch. It also suggests that the device will come with a SIM and, therefore, be autonomous from a phone connection. You could go running, for instance, without needing to take any other gadget or doo-hickey with you.

Of course, it's worse considering that patented technology doesn't necessarily always make it to market. And Huawei Watch 3 might come with none of the ideas contained in this latest one. We'll enjoy finding out though.

Writing by Rik Henderson.