(Pocket-lint) - The original Huawei Watch looked like the real deal, but to wear we found it big, clunky and - despite its glitzy image - it just didn’t feel right.

Enter the Huawei Watch 2 - in Classic and Sport forms - and the approach is a little different. There’s a greater focus on fitness, with GPS tracking built-in for activities, Android Wear 2.0 taking pride of place, plus NFC so Android Pay payments will be possible from the off.

Both Watch 2 products come with built-in fitness tracking features which, paired with the built-in heart-rate sensor, offer ‘Fat-burn’ and ‘Cardio run’ sessions.

The key difference between the two options is their target audience (despite both being IP68 weather-sealed): the Sport comes with a sporty strap to resist sweat and hardship, while the Classic goes for that more sophisticated look, complete with leather strap (black and grey options are available, the third orange option is reserved for the Sport alone).

Both watches have a 1.2-inch display in perfectly round form - no black bar to be seen along the base, as per the Motorola 360 series. And all the better for it; this was one of the original Watch’s bigger selling points.

The Sport will be available in a 4G connectivity version, while the Classic will not offer mobile connectivity. Both Watch 2 options have 2GB internal storage, however, so you can listen to your tunes when on the go without the need for a phone.

No final word on price, availability, strap options or whether a smaller version will be available. We’ll bring official info from the Huawei launch event at Mobile World Congress 2017 as and when we have it.

Writing by Mike Lowe.