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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei has announced its brand strategy for 2015 during a media trip to its head quarters in Shenzen, China, and has revealed the company will be introducing three new wearables and tablets at Mobile World Congress in 2015.

A focus will be put on "premium to consolidate leadership in mid to high-end markets" and while very few specifics were given on the wearables or tablets themselves, it was revealed that an Android Wear smartwatch will be arriving at MWC in Barcelona, along with a successor to the TalkBand B1 and an additional smartband.

The slide revealing the Android Wear smartwatch presented a round face and a black device, taking on the likes of the LG G Watch R, but this was just a holding picture. Jerry Huang, director of marketing communications at Huawei, told Pocket-lint that the Android Wear smartwatch would be different in its design from others currently on the market, taking a more fashionable approach.

Huang claimed the design had been carefully considered, and the company had attempted to produce a smartwatch that will integrate into the life of the average person, as well as those who are keen on smart devices.

The successor to the TalkBand B1 will be able to do the same talk and track functions and there was also mention of a new flagship smartband, which appears to be coming in a variety of colours from the presentation slide, but this could also be a holding picture.

No further details were revealed on any of the wearables, but the presentation suggested both the smartwatch and band will feature Huawei's "new fitness platform". When asked about the company's wearable strategy, Shao Yang, CMO of devices at Huawei said: "Different is very important. We are not trying to bring something similar."

Additionally, Huawei announced it will release a new tablet, possibly more than one, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but Huang told us there would be no smartphones at the show. It's also worth mentioning that the company has no intention of releasing a Windows 10 or raw Android smartphone, claiming the former platform is too restrictive but the next flagship, the Ascend P8, will launch in London on 15 April, Pocket-lint was told. 

The Huawei press conference will take place on 1 March at MWC and we will be there to give you all the details on the new devices.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 29 January 2015.