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(Pocket-lint) - HTC is once again rumoured to be dipping its toes into smartwatch waters with a device codenamed the HTC Halfbeak.

Even though the company has been listed as a key partner for Android Wear by Google in the past, a wearable device has failed to materialise in the the year-and-a-half since the platform launched. And any rumoured HTC devices in the interim have so far remained just that, rumours.

It is claimed that the financially shaky HTC decided to plough its efforts and budgets into premium smartphones instead, even if it was extremely close to releasing a smartwatch earlier this year in partnership with Under Armour, codenamed Petra.

But now Phandroid states that HTC is ready to expand its product line once again, with a new wearable device that currently goes by the codename Halfbeak.

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It claims its sources are sound, having provided accurate information in the past, and that they also revealed that the new smartwatch will be round rather than square like the Petra was alleged to be. It will also have a display resolution of 360 x 360.

Let's just hope it doesn't have a flat type black bar, like the new Moto 360.

Other speculation suggests we could even get to see the HTC watch this year, even this month, with the company expected to host a launch event for a new flagship phone on 29 September. The Halfbeak could be there. Although given the track history, it probably won't.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 9 September 2015.