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(Pocket-lint) - A leaked list of specs purportedly shows what we can expect from HTC's first wearable named Petra.

The leak appeared on upleaks where it shows off quite a bit of detail on the wearable. Petra will feature a 1.8-inch PMOLED flexible display with 32 x 160 resolution. It will be powered by an ST Micro STM32L151 chipset and will run an operating system developed by HTC called RTOS – so no Android Wear then.

According to the leak Petra will be IP57 water and dust proof and should have a battery that lasts an impressive 3 days, beating most of the competition by a day. This will be charged via POGO Pin or USB.

Petra should work with both Android and iOS phones via Bluetooth. It should also have GPS built-in meaning you could use it as a stand-alone running watch potentially. The watch should also come with a footpad that will help to analyse steps more accurately - making it perfect for inside and outside tracking as well as running gait data, like on a top-end GPS running watch.

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This sports focus makes a lot of sense and adds strength to the leak since HTC has signed a deal with Under Armour and is already expected to launch a sports wearable at MWC 2015.

It will also feature an alarm, timer, stopwatch, music control, camera shutter, sleep analysis, sports analysis, and the day's schedule, weather as well as phone notifications.

According to the leak it will be released in Q1 and come in Teal/Lime or Black/Blue Grey. With that date we'd expect it to appear at Mobile World Congress from 2 March.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 11 February 2015.