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(Pocket-lint) - HP has announced a partnership with watchmaker Movado to create their first smartwatch called Bold Motion.

While Movado is bringing the fashion and analogue design, HP is cramming the tech smarts inside the wrist-worn device.

On the outside it's a round-faced watch with one button as well as a crown dial. The design is 44mm stainless steel with a black PVD finished bezel. Inside the watch HP has packed in its own hardware and software to make it smart. The watch is waterproof to 50 metres which the black silicone strap will also handle fine.

The smartwatch will work with iOS and Android smartphones for notifications. On top of the usual watch functions like time and date there are vibrating notifications for calls, emails, texts and social media updates as well as calendar appointment. The watch automatically adjusts to new time zones.

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The watch also acts as an activity tracker and uses vibration for alerts.

While sleep tracking isn't mentioned the activity tracking sensor and vibrating motor could make it and a smart alarm possible. Since the watch is analogue, to look at alerts require your phone to check them.

It currently uses blue or white LEDs with vibration to alert the wearer. From the app select what you want the alert light for be it one or all from call, text, social media alert and more. For calendar alerts the watch will light up outer LEDs on the numbers to denote a time specific alert.

The HP Movado Bold Motion will cost $795 and arrive in time for Christmas.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 17 November 2015.