(Pocket-lint) - Fashion brand Guess first announced its entry to the world of smartwatches at CES 2015. The Guess Connect took its design cues from the Guess Rigor watch but added smart functionality from Martian.

It prioritised being a good-looking, stylish watch with the smarts being a secondary function built into the the watch and its design, rather than the watch being designed around the smarts. This worked and worked well.

The Guess Connect arrived in two sizes - 41mm and 45mm - and it came in a variety of finishes including a blue and rose gold option and a black and gold option. It's about to get a whole lot more exciting for the Guess Connect though.

The company has not only announced a couple of new colour editions for Spring, but there will be more styles and a new design added before the end of the year including a leopard print design. Yes, really. It's totally awesome too. 

In addition to the new colours and styles of the original Guess Connect, the company is also planning to launch an entirely new model with a range of new designs. It will again be powered by Martian, although Guess is looking at new partners for the future too. It said it wanted to have a bit of fun with the partnership it already has first though and fun it definitely is having.

The new Guess Connect gets rids of the small notifying display that sits across the bottom of the watch face on the original Connect and puts and LED notifying light within the watch housing instead. It means the new Connect won't give you as much information as the current model, meaning a lot less than the likes of Android Wear and Apple, but that in turn means a Guess watch that looks, well, like a Guess Watch. And that for some people is far more exciting than what the text message you just recieved says.

The new model allows users to customise seven colour alerts for VIP contacts. It features the tapping of the glass feature to recall alerts, like the current Guess Connect does, and it also has the custom vibration function of the original device too. Guess is adding fitness tracking to the new Connect too though, with step counting, sleep tracking and calorie counting all on board.

The new Guess Connect will come with a seven-day battery life and it will be compatible with iOS and Android. It is also splash resistant.

Guess told us it hopes to offer around 20 different Connect styles before the end of the year. We saw a few of them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and some of them are absolutely amazing so we have put them all in a gallery for you to see just how fabulous wearing a smartwatch can be.

If you want to read more about how the Guess Connect works, you can read our full review here. We will be reviewing the new Connect when it launches in November too.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.