There's no avoiding the tech juggernaut rampaging across our wrists and Guess is one of the first fashion companies to announce a smartwatch of its own. With Guess Connect, at least, you can get your notifications with style.

Guess Connect has come about through a partnership with Martian Watches, meaning that Guess aren't just pitching out a watch that will soon be outdated. Martian can update the smart side and you'll be able to customise the functions using the Android or iOS app. 

Apart from the notifications window at the bottom of the watch face, there's also a mic and speaker, so you'll be able to use your watch to issue voice commands, and take calls. 

Aside from the smart features, you get a proper watch that is based on the Guess Rigor, but escapes the smartwatch trap of being gadgety first.

Sure, it doesn't have all the functions that even your cheapest Android Wear device does, but it offers fashionable design that's more likely to make it desirable.

We suspect that this is the first in a long line of fashion-focused smartwatches and we like what we see.