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(Pocket-lint) - Google has introduced a rare app contribution to Wear OS, with an updated keyboard rolling out to users of the smartwatch platform.

The keyboard - Gboard - has been available on Android, iOS, Google and Android TV for some time, and now the search engine giant has revealed in a support page post that the app will be landing on wrists.

With the aim of "faster and easier messaging", the new keyboard replaces the old 'Google Keyboard' and brings a refreshed interface when users type on a Wear OS smartwatch. Keys enjoy a more even spread on the display, with more dynamic predictive text cards also appearing at the top as users progress through different words and letters. This top panel offers a shortcut to emojis, numbers and voice messaging, too.

Once you've composed a message, a new preview screen allows users to edit and review, with suggestions also revealed.

Gboard, as Google points out, introduces multi-language support for those already available on the platform, as well, with an option available at the bottom of the keyboard pulling up a menu - something users would previously have to exit the keyboard to find.

All in all, though the upgraded keyboard is a positive step for the platform, it's also a very minor one. 

With that said, though, it is significant for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it shows us that Google hasn't completely forgotten about its smartwatch platform - though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise in recent years. 

Secondly, as noted in the post detailing Gboard on Wear OS, Google indicates, "We can’t wait to share what more is in store for Wear OS by Google in 2021".

With Google I/O just around the corner, expect to hear more regarding an update (hopefully a significant one) to the smartwatch platform sooner rather than later.

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Writing by Conor Allison.