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(Pocket-lint) - After almost four years in existence, Android Wear is no more. Google has decided to rebrand its smartwatch operating system as Wear OS by Google, and given it a funky new logo.

This is partly thanks to the fact that a third of Android Wear smartwatches are worn by iPhone owners, so the Android bit of the name no longer made sense.

What Google hasn't revealed yet is whether the first build of Wear OS will have any specific feature changes over the last Android Wear. We'll bring you more on that when we know - most likely to be announced during Google I/O in May.

Until then, here are the confirmed manufacturers and watches that will be getting Wear OS.

Although it is down to individual manufacturers as to when an over-the-air update arrives, Google said on Thursday 15 March that you will begin to see Wear OS on your compatible device "over the next few weeks".

That suggests it will be rolling out from March and into April. The phone app for Android and iOS will be updated too.

Wear OS: How to update your smartwatch

The update will arrive over-the-air, so you shouldn't need to install it manually. However, you should ensure your watch is on charge overnight and connected to your phone. It will be updated automatically if that's the case.

The Android Wear app for phones will also be automatically updated to the Wear OS version.

The following devices will be getting Wear OS "soon". We'll update the release details as they are confirmed.

Wear OS: Asus

We're still waiting for confirmation on which Asus watches will be updated, if any.

Wear OS: Casio

Casio is on Google's confirmed list, so you can expect the Wear OS update for the following watches:

  • Casio PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20
  • Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

Wear OS: Diesel

Diesel's current smartwatch ais made by Fossil, so will be updated soon, just like Fossil's own.

  • Diesel On Full Guard

Wear OS: Emporio Armani

The first Emporio Armani watch is also a Fossil-made device, so is due for an update too.

  • Emporio Armani Connected

Wear OS: Fossil

Just about all of Fossil's smartwatches will get Wear OS. This is the confirmed list so far:

  • Fossil Q Control
  • Fossil Q Explorist
  • Fossil Q Founder 2.0
  • Fossil Q Marshal
  • Fossil Q Venture
  • Fossil Q Wander

Wear OS: Guess

Two of Guess' smartwatches are getting Wear OS at present. We're waiting on details of the others.

  • Guess Connect
  • Gc Connect

Watch OS: Huawei

So far, Huawei has announced that its second edition watch will be Wear OS enabled. That's the same for both the cellular and Wi-Fi only editions.

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  • Huawei Watch 2

Watch OS: Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss' existing smartwatch has been confirmed to get the update.

  • Hugo Boss Boss Touch

Watch OS: Kate Spade

If you have Kate Spade's smartwatch, you're in luck as that will be getting Wear OS soon.

  • Kate Spade Scallop

Wear OS: LG

There are plenty of LG watches out there, but so far only these have been confirmed to get the update:

  • LG Watch Sport
  • LG Watch Style

Wear OS: Louis Vutton

You can expect your Louis Vutton smartwatch to get Wear OS.

  • Louis Vuitton Tambour

Wear OS: Misfit

Wear OS is coming to the following Misfit watch:

  • Misfit Vapor

Wear OS: Michael Kors

Google has confirmed the following watches will be upgraded to Wear OS:

  • Michael Kors Access Bradshaw
  • Michael Kors Access Dylan
  • Michael Kors Grayson
  • Michael Kors Sofie

Wear OS: Montblanc

Expect the update to arrive on Montblanc's smartwatch soon.

  • Montblanc Summit

Wear OS: Motorola

We're still waiting for confirmation whether any Motorola watches will be upgraded or not.

Wear OS: Movado

This watch is Wear OS compatible:

  • Movado Connect

Wear OS: Mobvoi

You can get Wear OS on Mobvoi's watch when the update is released.

  • Mobvoi Ticwatch S & E

Wear OS: Nixon

Just like it did with Android Wear 2.0, Nixon is updating its smartwatch with the latest version.

  • Nixon Mission

Wear OS: Polar

Polar updated its M600 with swim tracking last year, it'll be adding Wear OS soon.

  • Polar M600

Wear OS: Skagen

Wear OS is coming to the Skagen watch.

  • Skagen Falster Smartwatch

Wear OS: Sony

As the Smartwatch 3 didn't get Android Wear 2.0, we don't expect it to get Wear OS either. Sorry. 

Wear OS: Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer's latest smartwatches are getting Wear OS, but we haven't heard anything about its former Connected device.

  • Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41
  • Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

Wear OS: Tommy Hilfiger

If you have a Tommy Hilfiger smartwatch, you're in luck.

  • Tommy Hilfiger 24/7 You

Wear OS: ZTE

Chinese manufacturer ZTE will be bringing Wear OS to the Quartz.

  • ZTE Quartz
Writing by Rik Henderson and Elyse Betters. Originally published on 17 January 2017.