(Pocket-lint) - Google could soon make Android Wear watches a more viable smartwatch option as it looks to introduce tap-to-pay. The feature would let Android Wear smartwatches with an NFC chip to touch on various terminals, such as contactless terminals and Oyster terminals on the London Underground, to pay for goods and services.

Android Police has delved into v10.0 of the Google Play services apk and found lines of text such as: "<string name="tp_tokenization_success_on_wear_body">%1$s %2$s has been added. Please check your watch.</string>" and "<string name="tp_wear_retap_prompt">Try holding your watch to the terminal again</string>"

There's clear references to a watch, which makes this rumour pretty solid.

It also means the feature could be introduced sooner rather than later, as the inclusion of text prompts suggest the features are being tested right now. It's highly likely Google will roll out the tap-to-pay feature with Android Wear 2.0, which now isn't due until late 2017 as Google wants to make sure the software is just right before releasing it to the public.

The new feature and Android Wear 2.0 could also release alongside the two previously rumoured smartwatches made by Google. When the rumours first came about back in July this year, they mentioned possible Nexus branding. With the release of Google's new Pixel phones, the branding of the watches could change to better fit with Google's new 'Made by Google' tagline.

Writing by Max Langridge.