If you haven't heard already, Google is making two Android Wear smartwatches (possibly Nexus-branded), and now a leaked render has surfaced depicting what those upcoming smartwatches might look like and feature.

Android Police, which published a bunch of leaked details about the watches (thought to be codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish), posted the render and described it as a "recreated image" of the devices. Android Police said it couldn't share its source, so it recreated the watches based on the source's material, and the end result "may look slightly different". Okay.

It also warned the devices are still undergoing development, and the design could end up totally different. Heck - one or both of the devices could even be cancelled. Anyway, as you can see, the watch on the left is the larger "Angelfish" device. It has a large crown button and smaller "shoulder" buttons. The watch face pictured is an iteration of Google's customisable faces in Android Wear 2.0.

Unlike Angelfish, which is a standalone watch with a sportier design, the smaller Swordfish lacks LTE and GPS, is less thicker, and has a clean look. It has an odd crown button interrupting its minimalist look, however. Swordfish also has a bezel with a gentle curve. Android Police said its image doesn't reflect the Swordfish's display glass containing a small amount of circular display bezel.

Android Policeare these google s upcoming android wear smartwatches  image 2

That means there will be a black "gap" between where the watch body ends and the visible display area begins, but this will apparently avoid the flat tyre-look of the Moto 360. So, instead of a single spot "cut" out of the circle, Google made a smaller circle with a smaller display area overall.

Other than that, there's no more information about whether these are Nexus watches, how much they'll cost, nor when they'll launch.