The world is a big place, and it's filled with people who speak many, many different languages. That can sometimes cause problems for you should you want to travel or even strike up a conversation with someone new. You never know if someone will understand you.

But thanks to modern-day technology, languages no longer have to be a barrier. Just earlier this month, Microsoft launched a Translator app for Apple Watch and iPhone that not only translates spoken words in real-time but also reads the translation aloud for you and others to hear.

Google likely took notice of this, because now it has launched a version of Google Translate for Android Wear watches. 

Here's everything we know about the new watch app...

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What is Google Translate?

The service is used by more than 500 million people from both web and mobile phones, and now they'll be able to use it with their Android Wear watches as well. Translate is built into the latest Android Wear software update, which also brought interactive watch faces. So, with it, you can basically have bilingual conversations with others.

It'll translate conversation into 44 different languages.

How does it translate conversations?

Google said you basically just have to speak into your watch to see your conversation translated. You'll then have to rotate your watch by flipping your wrist back and forth. As the watch changes direction and faces whomever you're talking with, it'll translate your words to that person's language. When they respond, flip your wrist back to see how they've replied.

Google has provided a GIF (see here) to show how this looks. As for how to recognise languages, Google Translate will do all the work for you. It'll automatically deciphers languages, so once you tap to start the conversation, all you need to do is talk. Google Translate covers 90 languages total (for text translation), but it currently only supports 44 for conversation translations.

Are there any requirements?

The app requires an internet connection - but not your phone.

Want to know more?

Gogole said it is expanding the number of languages. You can read more about today's Android Wear update here.