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(Pocket-lint) - Under increased competition from rival smartwatch styles and operating systems, such as the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time, Google plans to update its Android Wear platform to include some interesting new features.

After wading through a leaked document, Phandroid reports that the software giant will introduce a new form of interaction with the touchscreen that will give users more control over their watch faces.

Although it is already available to some through hacked methods used by a few developers, single-tap gestures, says the Android-based website, will be formerly introduced. They can be used by watch face designers to add all-new levels of interaction.

Aesthetic changes and activities can be launched by simply tapping the watch screen. For example, want to change the colour of the watch face? Instead of having to do so in settings, it can be set that the colour scheme changes whenever you simply tap the screen.

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Different information could be displayed through taps, such as the weather.

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In addition, Google is planning to introduce watch-to-watch communication so users can sent heartbeats and doodles to each other. It's a feature that has proved popular on the Apple Watch and Google wants a slice of that action.

Phandroid also reports that LG G Watch R owners will also benefit from the latest version of Android Wear. The last firmware update did not include the LG device in those to get Wi-Fi support. The next upgrade will include it.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 13 July 2015.