Google isn't backing down to Apple Watch.

The company is planning to release an Android Wear software update that will bring Wi-Fi support to Android Wear watches, allowing ones with built-in Wi-Fi to use certain features, such as Google Now and notifications, even when a Bluetooth connection isn't available, according to The Verge. The idea is that Google wants to make Android Wear more comparable to (as well as more compelling than) Apple Watch.

Google is also allegedly prepping two smaller software updates that will add gesture control, so you can flick your wrist to scroll through Google Now cards and notifications rather than swipe on the screen, and tweaks to the user interface. These tweaks will not only make it easier to access apps, but also contacts. Google is likely hoping these updates will help give its wearable platform another leg up.

Android Wear got a head start by launching way before Apple's wearable platform, but then Apple Watch launched yesterday alongside an ecosystem that was already bustling with apps and services, thus canceling out Android Wear's initial advantage.

But with these new software updates, Google will be able to keep Android Wear both relevant and attractive to users.