Google has cheekily posted a new advert online just a short while before Apple is due to formerly launch the Apple Watch at its "spring forward" event.

The rival company's commercial shows a selection of hipsters wearing multiple different styles of Android Wear watches, from different manufacturers, under the tagline "be together, not the same".

It pokes the fun out of the fact that while Apple will have different models of its first smartwatch, they are all based on the same design. Android Wear devices, however, come in all shapes and sizes. Including round-faced watches.

"Round or square: wear what you want with Android Wear. Be together. Not the same," it says on its YouTube channel.

It's all a bit of fun of course as it's highly unlikely that Google's jibes will do the Apple Watch any harm, after all, the Apple device will only work with iPhone or iPad, while Android Wear watches will only work with Android phones and tablets.

Still, you have to admire the timing.

Get it? Timing? Oh, please yourselves.