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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated Android Wear, just as manufacturers have begun to launch new Android Wear watches. The update brings some much-desired features. which active people should especially enjoy.

Android Wear is getting offline music playback and GPS support. More specifically, Google said you will be able to "go for a run or bike ride with your Android wearable and leave your phone at home". All music is stored on your watch. Also, if your watch includes a GPS sensor, you'll be able to listen to tunes through a Bluetooth headset and track your distance and speed simulataneously.

Google announced a second update as well. It is coming down the pipeline and will enable downloadable watch faces, meaning you will be able to adjust the visual design of your watch's home screen to show data that is more relevant to you. The watches might display calendar and fitness data or even things like live sports, game scores, and stocks.

Third-party developers are making the watch faces now and plan to release them on Google Play. As for Android Wear's new updates, they will be ready in the coming months. Google is also working with partners on additional improvements and hopes to provides updates directly to you in the future.

Earlier this week, Google promised it would release frequent updates to Android Wear. Smartwatches will change faster than smartphones, the company said, and Google wants to stay ahead of the game and actively affect where Android Wear goes, according to CNET.

Google can reportedly issue Android Wear updates without having to go through carriers, and it claimed several Android Wear updates are scheduled to arrive before the end of the year, with the first releasing this week.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 5 September 2014.