Google is going for health data while providing a health service to its users which it will call Google Fit, reportedly.

According to source of Forbes the big G plans to unveil its Google Fit plans at the Google I/O event which starts 25 June.

Google Fit will be a way for Google to join Apple and Samsung in the field of health data tracking. This is going to be worth big money for companies who will be able to tap into the multi billion pound health industry.

Google previously tried tracking of this kind with Google Health but it never caught on as it didn't offer the users enough useful information. Google Fit should use Android Wear devices, along with phones and Glass, to track multiple points of data. This will provide an accurate picture for users while also giving Google a larger skew of health.

Apple's HealthKit and Samsung's S Health are both already on the market, in Samsung's case with wearables. Apple is yet to launch the iWatch but as Google enters the market, with plenty of smartwatch partners already announced, the iWatch need to follow soon.

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