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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola was working on a smartwatch during its time at Google, according to Android Police, which showed a prototype of the wearable in a series of photos on Tuesday.

According to the publication, the "Google Watch" name was being considered for the rubberised band and capacitive touch screen device being worked on internally. Motorola - owned by Google from 2012 until January this year - was building the hardware and implementing the software for the mass market, until the project was canned.

The prototype in the photos could have been changed significantly before coming to market, Android Police notes. It was codenamed Gem, and the smartwatch was heavily rumoured for launch during 2013. Ultimately, Google offloaded Motorola to Lenovo.

The smartwatch was set to feature fitness modes, "3 bit mode Apps", and voice commands, all powered by Android. One image from Android Police shows the settings interface on the smartwatch, but not much can be learnt for other features.

Just because the 2013 prototype shown on Tuesday was shelved, it doesn't mean Google or Motorola are not  pursuing smartwatches.

A report from The Wall Street Journal over the weekend noted that Google is working with LG to bring a smartwatch to the market by Google I/O in June.

Furthermore, Motorola, under its new owner Lenovo, has said it has plans to bring a smartwatch to market later this year. It will feature better battery life and a design more appealing to customers, the company said at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday.

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Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 26 February 2014.