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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin's next top tier Forerunner watch has leaked yet again, and this time the leak comes with some pretty in-depth specifications and official-looking renders and lifestyle shots. 

Those familiar with the Forerunner range will immediately recognise it. It has that completely round case with a fairly simple design and the usual five-button control system. It's a lot simpler in look than the Fenix or Epix

u/jgunner2011 - RedditGarmin Forerunner 955 leak photo 2

The watch showed up, yet again, on a retailer website. The page has since been deleted, but not before users on Reddit got hold of the images and specifications had been learned. 

According to those specifications, the 955 will be slightly smaller than the current 945. It's claimed it'll feature a 45.7mm case - rather than 47mm - and weigh just 53 grams. 

While there is the usual button control system, the new model will join the Fenix 7 series in offering a touchscreen for an additional method of control. 

Before being removed, the retailer page also stated this watch will get up to 15 days battery in smartwatch mode and 42 hours of continuous GPS activity tracking. This is for the non-solar model. There is claimed to be a solar version with even longer battery life. 

u/jgunner2011 - RedditGarmin Forerunner 955 leak photo 3

Other improvements include a new 'Training Readiness Score' which takes sleep, recovery and training load into account and lets you know if you should train easy, rest or if you're ready for an intense session. 

At this point, the Garmin Forerunner 955 has to be the worst kept secret in the world of wearables. Leaks have been cropping up from retailers from as early as January this year

Now, four months later, it appears we have so much information on the next flagship Forerunner that Garmin may as well just announce it officially now. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.