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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin has announced today that it's bringing solar charging capabilities to more watches. Specifically, the Instinct, Fenix 6 and Tactix Delta ranges are all updated with new solar models. 

The aim, of course, is to enable longer battery life for all of the models, ensuring that those who spend lots of time outdoors in sunlight get more from their watches. 

For the Fenix range, that means there's now a Fenix 6S Pro Solar and a Fenix 6 Pro Solar, both of which are equipped with the suitably named Garmin Power Glass solar charging lens on the front. 

Both those watches already have decent battery life prior to adding solar charging, offering  9 days and 14 days of battery life respectively in smartwatch mode. With the new solar charging, that's increased up to 10.5 days and 16 days with enough exposure to the sun. 

GarminGarmin refreshes Fenix 6, Instinct and Tactix Delta ranges with solar charging photo 3

The new solar editions of Fenix 6 and 6S also come with new Surf, mountain biking and indoor climbing modes, giving more specified metrics and measurements for those activities. 

As you'd expect, they also include all the fetures that make the Fenix 6 series already so great, including detailed sleep tracking, Pulse Ox measurements and TopoActive maps for outdoor navigation. That's without mentioning the included Garmin Pay capability and onboard storage for music. 

The Instinct range is a little more basic in its functionality, but that does mean you get a lot more battery life. The latest range includes both Surf and Tactical editions, both of which can go as long as 50 days on a full battery with enough exposure to the sun, thanks to new solar charging. 

The Surf edition gives users dedicated surf features like tide data, surf tracking activity modes and a100 metre waterproof rating. Tactical includes night vision goggle compatibility and 'Stealth' mode which deactivates tracking features. 

GarminGarmin refreshes Fenix 6, Instinct and Tactix Delta ranges with solar charging photo 5

Then of course there's the Tactix Delta Solar Edition, which takes the outdoor tactical watch up to 24 days of use with enough outdoor exposure to the sun. 

In ascending order, prices for the solar editions of these watches start at £349 for the Instinct Solar, £649 for the Fenix 6 solar editions and £999 for the Tactix Delta - Solar Edition. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 7 July 2020.